Voices4Peru Dollar Days


Join the movement! The power of unity that can change the world starts just with one person. One Dollar. One life. It is through unity and collaboration that we become a community to engage, empower, and advocate for those who have been marginalized. When we bond together, we help get children out of gangs, slave labor, and sex trafficking. With your help, generations of individuals can be set free to dream and experience hope where hope had once been lost. Today, Voices4Peru is launching Dollar Days – a campaign … [Read more...]

Advocate for V4P!


It's easy! ... and only takes a few moments. VISIT OUR ONLINE CAMPAIGN TO MAKE A DONATION As a Friend of V4Peru, can we count on your help to expand our social network and global reach as we work to attract new donors and advocates? We hope so! During the month of August we are trying to raise $3,000 to support the V4Peru private school and operations. If you refer a friend and they make a donation to V4P, you will receive a special gift. If your friend donates: $100 to $250 - you both will receive one lb. … [Read more...]

We need water…


I think it's a reasonable request. Not asking for much. Just water. I know that in the request there is a certain element of desperation, yet one may take into consideration the gravity of the need. Have you ever wondered what it's like to go outside to the back of your house to squat down and relieve yourself? It's embarrassing isn't it? I wonder how many people reading this have to go outside their home each day, round the corner of their home, with a wad of toilet paper, or if they have none, use … [Read more...]