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A message of love, hope, and restoration is how Voices4Peru reaches out to marginalized communities across Peru, South America. Operating out of the most dangerous region of all of Peru, South America. Former QC, Iowa Resident and winner of 2010 Wall of Honor Humanitarian Award, V4P Founder & Director Klopp fights against modern day child slave labor, human trafficking, and keeps teenagers off streets, out of prostitution, and off of drugs by providing education to finish school or university. Risking … [Read more...]

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From December 8 through 23, 2014, Daniel Klopp and his colleagues traveled throughout Peru to gain global support for our organization. They visited and interviewed families who have been exposed to modern-day slave trade and are living in poverty, and spoke with young men battling drug addictions. Our ongoing campaign goal is to obtain more monthly sponsorships for children who attend the Voices4Peru private school so we can continue giving them the opportunity for a better life. It takes $100 dollars a month to … [Read more...]

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This testimonial was written by Micheal Cotton, V4Peru Advocate: Recently, Emily and I had the honor and pleasure of visiting Dan and the Voices4Peru school in Peru. The trip was amazing and one I would recommend to anyone that sponsors a child. We got to meet both our little girl, Geraldine, as well as my father in law's boy, Valentin. As much joy, compassion, and pride we can feel by giving to these children, and knowing that they are being taken care of by such wonderful people, the hugs we were given dwarfed all … [Read more...]