Advocate for V4P

Are you interested in helping Voices4Peru and don’t know where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get your creativity going!

Get social!

Follow us and spread the word. Watch our flicks and share pics online. Tell your friends all about V4P and encourage them to donate! 

Plan a fundraising party!

Invite friends over for an evening of fun! Hire a band and charge a donation fee to attend the concert or host a themed party. The possibilities are endless! Be creative, and tweet @V4Peru in your pics! Upload them to Facebook and tag us! Invite Daniel Klopp to your party and he will join you through Skype!

Invite V4P Founder to speak

Daniel Klopp, Founder and Executive Director of V4P, has traveled the world to speak to groups on various topics ranging from spirituality, humanitarian outreach, self-empowerment, advocacy, and equality issues. Daniel has spoken in numerous countries, conferences, and retreat settings, including Kenya, Uganda, Tonga, Fiji, Australia, and across South America. Daniel uses personal experiences of resilience, perseverance, and discovering the purpose of serving others. He eloquently uses true-life stories infused with humor and the realistic experience of the human journey through life … Please contact Daniel directly to schedule a speaking engagement.