West Chester University & Voices4Peru 2 SPRINBREAK PERU

During Spring Break for West Chester University, in the USA, students and faculty came to Peru, South America and partnered with Voices4Peru to bring compassion, friendship, and outreach. They built a home for a family, and also gave large donations of clothes, shoes, and non-perishable items. This is how people are changing the world. For […]

Let us Share the Thrill of Hope – Christmas w/ Voices4Peru

“What is Normal for me is not normal in the world. The whole concept of sharing has changed my perspective,” – Bart Jan, from Netherlands. In this stark reality of life, this video displays the generosity of a young social worker who is impacted by what he sees, and decides to do something about it. […]

National Peruvian Crisis

Voices4Peru, founded by Daniel M. Klopp, and team go through community of Ventanilla to get water to families that haven’t had water in a week. These families are exposed to over 90• degee F plus heat and rains that have not been experienced in over /0 years.