Christian Omar Project

Christian Omar and Daniel Klopp.

Voices4Peru believes that all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or past abuse, deserve a safe place among the marginalized communities of Lima, Peru, South America. Voices4Peru provides a program that offers free counseling, safe housing, and education for any child or adolescent. The program gives a safe haven within “El Hogar de Christian Omar,” where daily psychological counseling, crisis intervention, and access to medical examinations and treatments are free to the client. Daily help is offered in-house and clients are referred to legal assistance if needed.

The passion to advocate for hope stems from the life of Christian Omar, a 19-year-old gay male who lived with his sexual orientation among fear and silence. He fled, escaped, and endured a life of painful experiences in the street, being victimized in unhealthy relationships. Contracting a sexually transmitted disease, he chose to fight the disease in silence, never seeking medical attention because of fear that someone would discover he was gay. He died on March 03, 2013 due to lack of medical treatment to save his life…

A social service provider will immediately assess a child or adolescent who arrives at the day shelter of El Hogar de Christian Omar. A crisis intervention team member ensures that the child or adolescent has programs provided for them. The client can sign up for dance, theatre, painting, crafts, the volleyball team, or the Club Deportivo Dan’s soccer Club. If legal or local authorities are required, V4P will help the client through the process, and medical blood screening is available if the client desires. Ongoing counseling and services will be planned for client.

Partnering with Voices4Peru at $100.00 USD a month, you will become a partner to your child or adolescent’s life journey, including photographs, their creative projects, parental and biographical information, and their story. You are welcome to visit your sponsored individual anytime you desire. Voices4Peru is prepared to host you and you can email the V4Peru’s office @ for travel information. V4Peru desires for you to be involved to the level you are able.

Leaving a legacy behind as you partner, you will receive monthly updates that are most convenient for you, and be on the cutting edge to protect adolescents and children from gangs, street life, and unhealthy sexual relationships through education and social services provided by the Voices4Peru staff. Partner today and experience the hope of advocating for those who need help and a better future.

How to Support Voices4Peru

There are several ways you can get involved with V4P:

1. Advocate. Plan a party, share our mission with your friends through social media, or invite the V4P Founder to speak at your function. The opportunities are limitless, so let’s get creative!

2. Donate. Whether it’s $10 or $1,000 – every penny helps support the children of Peru by enriching their lives and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

3. Sponsor a child. Your ongoing monthly donation will keep a child enrolled in the Voices4Peru private school and ensure their basic needs are met. Sponsoring a child keeps them out of the mines and safe with their family – where they should be.