Coffee with Guino

Each day, I see the realities of harsh life in the cities of Lima. People wander around aimlessly among the concrete jails of free space with glossed-over embers of hope once lost. The ability to regain the position of hope in the street’s ravage and vengeful grip requires far-surpassing stamina to get back up after being stabbed down to the sidewalk’s filth.

Not only do adults suffer. Young children, as young as 3 and 4 years of age, roam the streets for some little loose pocket change to buy liquid glue to huff by night along the gutters of sewage passageways underneath the central political district of Lima’s heart. Adolescents, who get addicted to the cheap liquid glue that is huffed away in plastic bags, are closely walking zombies by the age of 12 and dead by the age of 19 or 20.
15th full day - daniel 09
I really don’t want this for a future, nor for the future of the children living in the outskirts of Lima, where 4 out of 5 children will not receive a basic education. This is where we at Voices4Peru operate to try to give these children a brighter, safer, healthier future.

We cannot eradicate poverty in one strong sweep, but we can chip away with our stamina, strength, sacrifice, and resources. I had the opportunity today to follow up with Guino, whom you met on yesterday’s journey for freedom. We at the team are passionate about seeing him get an education. It’s not going to be easy, but we know you can make this happen. For him to escape the streets, poverty, and danger of prostitution, slave labor, and early death, education and hope are what bring the chance for success.

We know now what we have to do. We can make this happen. Please go to the online campaign and select Coffee with Guino. When you donate to having a 450 gram bag of organic fair-trade coffee sent to your home, a portion will go to the ongoing campaign, a portion to the farmers of the organic coffee, and a portion to see that Guino graduates with his two-year degree in culinary arts. This is the reality. Let’s see this through and drink coffee until we see this young man walk out with his degree. Passionate individuals like you will see his future meet destiny with his dreams.