Explore Our Journey4Justice Campaign

From December 8 through 23, 2014, Daniel Klopp and his colleagues traveled throughout Peru to gain global support for our organization. They visited and interviewed families who have been exposed to modern-day slave trade and are living in poverty, and spoke with young men battling drug addictions. Our ongoing campaign goal is to obtain more monthly sponsorships for children who attend the Voices4Peru private school so we can continue giving them the opportunity for a better life.

It takes $100 dollars a month to sponsor a child. Any monthly donation amount towards that is extremely valued. For example, this could range from one person who donates $100 a month, to 20 people who donate $5 a month.  Every dollar counts! Please donate today by making a monthly or one-time monetary gift. Your support can change the life of a child forever!

You can experience the journey that Dan and his colleagues took by clicking the following links to watch their videos on YouTube:

You can access additional videos on Daniel Klopp’s YouTube channel by clicking the following link: Voices4Peru Videos on YouTube