Sponsor a V4Peru Child

Thank you for partnering with Voices4Peru and advocating for the underserved. Your monetary support will give a child an opportunity to learn and thrive as they continue to grow.

As a partner, you have the opportunity to share pictures, emails, and videos with “your child.” Partners also receive progress reports that detail how the child is doing in school and everyday life. 

It takes only $100 a month to provide one child with a safe haven that gives them food, water, medical care, and education in an environment free from the violence and dangers of drugs, bullying, and area gangs. Please fill out the sponsorship form below and the V4P Founder and Executive Director, Daniel Klopp, will contact you to process your application.

 *If you are interested in making a ONE-TIME DONATION, click here to use our PayPal form for your convenience. A PayPal account is not required.

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