The V4P Team

1Daniel M. Klopp 

Founder & Executive Director

Daniel M. Klopp founded Voices4Peru with the passion to serve and speak for oppressed and marginalized communities and individuals through unification and personal-growth systems. Daniel passionately speaks for marginalized communities and advocates globally.

Voices4Peru (V4P) is the charitable NGO that Daniel Klopp created, which has several programs established in Lima. These programs include a sports club for teenagers who want to play soccer, counseling programs for those suffering from mental health issues, educational assistance, etc.

Daniel Klopp advocates, encourages, and empowers marginalized communities to become self-sustainable societies. He helps to empower local leadership, instill a strong work ethic, and foster the ability to move forward towards a brighter future. Voices4Peru works with international teams coming in to alleviate an oppressed existence while advocating across various platforms to educate and expose humanity to awareness of marginalized lives. Daniel oversees Educating4Hope and Advocating4Change, two 100/100 programs founded in the foothills of Lima’s community of Ventanilla.

Daniel’s work has been published in newspapers and relayed in interviews, and he has received humanitarian and honor awards for his work.

V4P Private School Staff

Luis & Rosita Yepez
School Directors
Leticia Villacorte
Classroom Assistant
Miss Elizabeth
V4P Teacher
Miss Fabiola
V4P Teacher
Miss Rosa
V4P Teacher

About the V4P private school staff:

Miss Elizabeth –  Professor of classroom for 3-year-olds. Miss Elizabeth has been working with Voices4Peru since January. Her gentle teaching style warms the hearts of the children.
Miss Rosa – Professor of classroom for 4-year-olds. Miss Rosa has been teaching at our school since January. She brings creativity to life through arts and crafts.
Miss Fabiola – Professor of classroom for 5-year-olds. Miss Fabiola has an incredible teaching style, with lots of experience. She brings a lot of joy to the children.
Luis & Rosita Yepez – Co–Founders and Administrators of Voices4Peru private school. Through the initial idea, setup, and implementation, Luis and Rosita Yepez have been the pillars of the start of the vision to bring education to the lives of people in the community of Las Lomas. They prove oversight, administration, and daily operations to the ongoing demands of a school program, including meeting all state and national requirements of accreditation.
Leticia Villacorte – Leticia has been working with Luis and Rosita Yepez and Daniel Klopp since 2000 through various outreach programs, including Voices4Peru’s outreach to educate the community. She provides onsite assistance in all areas of school programs.

V4P Staff

Daniel Klopp, Founder
Executive Director 
Saul Arana
Logistics Coordinator
Rodolfo Torres
Outreach Program Consultant
Arnold cuadros
Arnold Portocarrero
Product Management