Voices4Peru Dollar Days

Join the movement!

The power of unity that can change the world starts just with one person. One Dollar. One life.

It is through unity and collaboration that we become a community to engage, empower, and advocate for those who have been marginalized. When we bond together, we help get children out of gangs, slave labor, and sex trafficking. With your help, generations of individuals can be set free to dream and experience hope where hope had once been lost.

Today, Voices4Peru is launching Dollar Days – a campaign to unify our Voices4Peru “family” to stand up and make a difference … One person. One dollar. One life at a time. 

Your one-dollar donation can provide one of the following for a child:

  • A full meal
  • Pencils and a notebook
  • Transportation to and from school for one day

It is the simplicity of your one-dollar donation that can literally change the world and improve the lives of children in need. Imagine what we can accomplish as a collective group. Invite others to contribute one dollar as well!

If 100 people give one dollar, look at what WE can provide:

  • Education and after-school sports for one child for one month
  • Heathcare for one child for two months
  • One meal a day for a child for 100 days

About Voices4Peru


Voice4Peru was founded to address issues of social injustice, provide basic humanitarian aid, and restore hope for a better future for children impacted by violence and oppression. We empower, engage, and advocate for human rights, freedom, and self-sustainability for communities within Peru, South America. Our organization provides educational opportunities and medical assistance for children in the Voices4Peru private school and through our local soccer team, Club Deportivo Dan. We fight for equality for all individuals.