We need water…

I think it’s a reasonable request.

Not asking for much. Just water.

I know that in the request there is a certain element of desperation, yet one may take into consideration the gravity of the need.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go outside to the back of your house to squat down and relieve yourself? It’s embarrassing isn’t it? I wonder how many people reading this have to go outside their home each day, round the corner of their home, with a wad of toilet paper, or if they have none, use leaves, and squat down to relieve themselves?

Simple requests in a land of great need. Peru is the 2nd country in all of South and Central America to struggle with horrific tragedies of human sex slave and child labor trafficking violations against humanity. In this rugged terrain that I call home, I see the lives of people being ripped and shredded into pieces because of the desperation of survival. It is not always a rosy image that one would experience in the higher and flashier districts of Lima.

We at Voices4Peru private school, and even in the community of Las Lomas, have no running water and no sewage disposal. This is an horrendous situation in itself, not to mention what happens when the feces of individuals dries up in the arid climate with no rainfall. The wind picks up and blows the feces around and contaminates the sources of supplies, resulting in horrific digestive infections.

It’s just water. Pure, clean, and healthy drinking water. Not only can we not drink the water, there is no water. Water trucks do come and go when they want or when they feel that they will make a short-change gain on profits. It’s a daily battle. The residents use the water for everything, including washing, cooking, bucket-flushing the toilet, bathing, and cleaning. It’s all-purpose water.
So, yeah, everyday kids play outside and try to avoid the feces of other people that just hangs around. It’s really not much fun. I feel horrible for each of them, and will never forget the time that one of the children used one of our basketballs to wipe himself clean at the back of the school building. The challenges of thriving without running water and sewage disposal are physically and emotionally draining.

Guess what’s worse? We have an incredible and beautiful setting with the Voices4Peru private school. However, there is no water. The children have to bucket-flush water that we bring up the hill from Ventanilla. We have an idea that we’d like to share with you…. Can you help bring water to the Voices4Peru private school? Check out this video in which I share exactly what the problem is.

So, yeah, just water. Instead of having to deal with bucket-flushing and making children have to wait for water to come up the hill in large gallons, we can just install the tubing to make water reach the building.
Can you help? Please bring the reality of water, stability, and sanity to the lives of children in the Voices4Peru private school.